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Discography: Khompewtur 

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Produced by:Khompewtur

Distribution: IODA

Technical Consultant: Charles Woodward - Jamaicans.TV

Web design: Stacey Kamen Design

Artwork: David Works -

Vocals: Khompewtur, Ed Zeppelin (One More Year), W.I.S.C. (Jabbawock)

Guits: Khompewtur, Ed Zeppelin (lead guit: One More Year)

Drums: Sleeker (Tron, Nebulae, Thought Petrol, Delusions, Lightning), Bulls Hit (Jabbawock, Lonely Demise), jimi2toes(Ambush), Ed Zeppelin (One More Year)

Recorded with: Gibson, Fender, Yamaha, Roland, Audio-Technica, Shure, Sonar, Aardvark, Waves, Antares, Line 6, Marshall, Mesa-Boogie, T.C.Electronic, ghs, Apple, Samson, Dell, Winamp, dbPowerAmp, Microsoft, Event

Thanks to Charles Woodward, Jeff Peters & Mike Renault of Focus Three Entertainment, Scott Wallace, Julienne Davis, Laura Von Fange, Kevin Arnold, Dave Kostiner, Steve Jobs, Bruno Ybarra,
and everyone with New Paradigm


Copyright 2006 New Paradigm Music