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Codename: Soul Vine

Soul Vine is comprised of Darren Verpeut.

Before forming "Soul Vine", Darren had been previously touring with the band "Ours", signed to Dreamwork's music branch. For a 9 month stretch "Ours" travelled as the opening act for Jacob Dylan's "Wallflowers" national tour. While on the road Darren was performing as the drummer.

Darren Verpeut

After the tour he began in earnest on his own project "Soul Vine", only this time performing the vocal and guitar parts in addition to drums. The result was a powerful display of Darren's style. To describe it I'd have to say I'm impressed with his songwriting and arranging, but it's his vocals which are the strength of the album. At times seeming to channel Beck in "new again" or Vedder in "only for a moment", it's really when Darren kicks it DARRENN!!! style in "bullets" that the album comes alive.    

I don't think Darren ever stops performing.  If he's not on stage or crafting his own music, he's performing with his band, and if he's not performing he's hosting local music events and things like that.  Darren performs so much I think he's found a way to eat music.  He lives in Hoboken, NJ.


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