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Codename: Piltdown Man

Sometimes Piltdown Man very sad.

Other times happy.

If people mean to Piltdown Man, or be stupid,
that make Piltdown Man angry.

Piltdown Man often put feelings in song. Some make people laugh. Some make angry. Some make people scratch heads and wrinkle nose real funny.

Piltdown Man make songs like “Educated Through Repeated Blows to the Head”, “A Perfect Ending to an Otherwise Shitty Day”, “Monkeys Rule the Earth”, “No More Creed”, “Future Cities of the Past”, “So Happy”, and “Did You and Mary Have Sexual Intercourse?” Piltdown Man tell you "question tenuous connection with reality". You like.

He want make people happy with imaginative, abstruse, thought-provoking grunting accompanied by well-crafted, non-mainstream, sometimes-avant-garde noise-sounds. If not happy with songs Piltdown find squishing under big rock other way to make happy.

That all friendly, peaceful Piltdown Man want.

..this what happen when no make Piltdown happy

Make Piltdown happy, listen to song. If no like, listen to ‘nother. You will like. Piltdown Man guarantee. Or else rock.

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