Celebrity Playlist: Julienne Davis

NPM: "We caught up with the singer / actress in between shuttles from London and LA. We were thrilled when she dropped in to give us a take on what she considers to be the essentials when it comes to good music."

Julienne: "Now - a list of my top twenty (sorry - not ten...there is just too much great music out there! Twenty is even hard!)"

"And some (well, probably most knowing me!) may be a bit obscure."

"Here's my newest ones:"

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A Girl Called Eddy
A Girl Called Eddy

1 and 2. A Girl Called Eddy - "Tears All Over Town" and "Golden" - amazing songwriter, I'm humbled. Wonderful production. And "Golden" makes me cry it's so beautiful.


3. Cousteau - "The Last Good Day Of The Year" - I'm addicted to this song, I must play it over and over. Fills me with longing and angst, and I LOVE it!

Felt Mountain

4. Gold Frapp - "Lovely Head" Shirley Bassey and Nancy Sinatra with the John Barry sound for the new age. Love it. Felt Mountain is still their best album.

Shout - The Very Best of Tears for Fears
Tears for Fears

5. Gary Jules' version of "Mad World" written by Roland Orzabal or Tears for Fears - Jules' version is beautiful but I must say that the songwriting again is so so deep. This man understands depression. I know this because I suffer from it too. This track really speaks to me.

Fiona Apple

6. and 7. Fiona Apple - "Sullen Girl" and "The First Taste" - I love her bluesy slightly off center voice. "Sullen Girl" is so "watery" I feel like I'm floating. And I love the instrumentation on "The First Taste"

Soul Queen of New Oorleans
Irma Thomas

8. Irma Thomas - "Ruler of My Heart" - early 60's soul, pure and unrefined. Beautiful and true. How soul is meant to be.

Anthology: The Best of Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

9. Michael Jackson - "Ain't No Sunshine" - his version (done when he was still a boy) is so incredible.....how can this boy sing with such emotion?! And the notes he hits! WOW. I will always love Michael Jackson as a boy....the most talented kid EVER.

The Essential: Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

10. Bob Dylan - "Lay Lady Lay" Dylan when he was his absolute best! And this particular song is so beautifully written. It moves me and it always will.

Best of Bowie
David Bowie

11. David Bowie "Space Oddity" - that Stylaphone solo is fantastic....the production is wonderful. And Bowie....well this is my favorite of his. 2nd choice would be "Win" - it just speaks to me....don't know why......

The Whole Story
Kate Bush

12......as does Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" - again one of those angsty songs that I must hear again and again, and I never tire of hearing it. Everything about the production is amazing.

R&B Dynamite
Etta James

At Last!
Etta James

13. and 14. Etta James - "Good Rockin' Daddy" a great rockin' blues song that when I play it I have to dance around the house and sing my lungs out! I love Etta....love her voice, her attitude, the way she belts, everything! "At Last" as well is one of my favorite all time soul songs.

Diamonds and Rust
Joan Baez

15. Joan Baez - "Diamonds and Rust" - beautifully written song, and deep timber-y strength of her voice is phenominal.

American Pie
Don McLean

16. Don McLean - "Vincent" - Speaking of tear jerkers.....another fantastic song.

Live Rust
Neil Young

17. Neil Young - "The Needle and The Damage Done" - I have so much respect for this guy it's overflowing. He's always great.

The Best of Love

18. And while we're on songs about drugs....Love - "Signed DC" ....WOW, haunting and beautiful.

Ladies of the Canyon
Joni Mitchell

Dreamland (Digital Version)
Joni Mitchell

19. & 20. Joni Mitchell - very hard to choose just one track, because the whole album of "Ladies of the Canyon" is fantastic - amongst many others. But If I had to choose one let's have it be "The Arrangement" - her songwriting is timeless.....especially with this song, as it describes the false existence of so many people today - and it was written in the 60's! I guess some of us really haven't moved on. Deep.

21. Chris Montez - "The More I See You" This is just the ultimate happy swingin' 60's song. I dream of driving down PCH in a 64 Mustang convertible in candy-apple red and playing this song!! Makes me happy. :-)

*EDITOR'S NOTE* - The Chris Montez version of this song wasn't available in the iTunes catalog so we included links to a Michael Buble version in it's stead.

It's Time
Michael Buble

Bill Withers: Super Hits
Bill Withers

22. Bill Withers - "Use Me" (I love this guy's voice, and this track is just so funky and so sexy.....one of my favorite male singers.

The Essential Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane

23. "White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane.......I used to dream of being a hippy when I was a kid, and this personifies it for me. Love Grace Slick as well. Even more now when someone heard one of my songs, and thought I sounded like her......what a huge compliment!!!

Strange Paradise
Sophisticated Savage

24. Okay I have to say one of ours.....on our debut album, "Six Numbers" - I just love this song - still can't believe we wrote it! It's not the obvious single....but it's my favorite song on our Strange Paradise album.

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