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Codename: Betty Rumble

'Betty Rumble' is not for the faint of heart. Be cautioned that Nurse Betty is bad... oh so very bad. 

Through a constant series of unregulated experiments involving drug administrations and shock therapy she's been twisting and contorting the massive 'Hulk' into her mindless rock slave machine.

Once the treatments began to take hold however, she was unprepared for the consequences. The primal instincts that held latent in the Hulk's subconscious began to awaken.

His new found awareness of the hypocrisy and immorality of those who preached yet did not practice infuriated him and he began to destabilize, ready to inflict his own code of dark paladin justice on any perceived transgressor.

..but necessity dictated that Nurse Betty adapt.

Aware that she would be held culpable for unleashing such a force on an unsuspecting populace Nurse Betty scrambled to find a solution. Only by constantly enticing him with the seductive lure of womanhood and increasing his sedative, mind altering chemical regimen to levels beyond medical reason was she able to regain control.

Now she protects herself and others from her volatile pandoric creation by constantly channeling the Hulk's primal urges into one primary missive: rock and destroy. No one is certain if she's capable of harnessing such distortion indefinitely, but for the sake of the unsuspecting if not necessarily innocent...

In the beginning ... altruistic intentions
pray that she succeeds.

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